Factories, hotels, industrial buildings or shopping centers need giant signs to give visibility to their image. We must capture the attention of customers and clearly transmit the corporate and advertising messages to the public. The big size signs are a highly effective brand and advertising identification tool, since they achieve the greatest possible impact. We can become visible and communicate over a long distance with potential clients in a professional way, but also original and unique.

Grafiks is a regarding company in the design, manufacture and assembly of giant signs for fronts and roofs. We have the best technical specialists who guarantee that we can realize all kinds of orders in which height, size and pieces that make it require a few highly specializing technical knowledge and a high capacity in constructive engineering.

Grafiks is specialist in reproducing large signage in the materials that best suit each need. Our wide experience allows us to manufacture and assemble signage of large dimensions with the maximum quality and reliability, regardless of the size or height to which they place, all in the shortest possible time. The size of the project does not matter, we make it a reality.