Installed in any type of glass, the window film reduce the amount of heat in the hottest seasons and provide a large number of benefits during the summer months:

- They considerably reduce the heat input (Infrared protection and UVI).
- Reduce glare through the crystals without reducing natural light.
- Collaborate in the reduction of energy expenditure.
- Reduction (almost complete) of harmful rays.

Thermal isolation
Energy savings and reduction of emissions are possible thanks to thermal insulation.

With the help of the UV protection window film the heat loss that occurs through the glass reduces the need of use of air conditioners thus decreasing energy expenditure.

UV protection
The ultraviolet and infrared rays of light from the sun can cause uncomfortable and harmful problems to the workers in the hottest months.

The UV protection prevents discoloration of objects by extreme light through the glass and protects the working space of these rays.